Hellequino NEXT subscription

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What is NEXT?

NEXT is a premium membership club,  that allows members to shop with 25% discount off the regular prices on all items, without any limit of purchase.

How do you become a member of NEXT ?

There are two ways to become a member:

  • You complete purchases over 599.00 € over a six months period 


  • You purchase the Membership Fee for 49.00 €

How does it work?

Once you've completed the purchase of the membership fee, you will receive via email a personal code that unlocks the discount. Hellequino NEXT membership lasts six months, and automatically renews FOR FREE if you 've purchased over 599.00€  Euros during this period of time!

Why should you do it? 

LET'S DO THE MATH! Let's say you want to shop a complete outfit like this one:


SHIRT + PANT = 109.00 € + 195.00 € = 304.00 € -25% =  228.00 €

You saved 76.00 € !!

Which means you already regained all of your NEXT subscription and gained 27.00 € ! 

76.00 € discount   -   49.00 € subscription   =   27.00 € saved

Don't hesitate any further ...